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Moving to independent living can be the beginning of an exciting new life phase: new friends, luxury surroundings, fewer home maintenance responsibilities, and usually, some downsizing. Over many years, we accumulate many things, some of which represent precious memories, and some of which are stored and forgotten. The below steps will help make the move as much a joy as it is an effort. We've also included tips to smooth out and organize the move.

Select Your Independent Living Accommodations

Working with your Arbor representative, first select the living accommodations that are right for you. The Vantage at Cityview offers both one- and two-bedroom apartments with luxury accommodations plus access to a wide range of amenities designed with residents in mind.

Identify Furniture and Accessories You Want to Keep

When you’ve selected a floor plan, you can start moving in the furniture and accessories that will make that space the perfect new home. You'll want to save both the things that are functional and fit the space you've selected, and the things that have sentimental value. Take your time deciding what you'll need, tag them so you know what stays and what goes, then contact a company such as Navis to handle the packing and moving. These companies specialize in independent living moves.

Select Personal Items to Take with You

Before you move, take the time to go through small items and personal things. Many of these will evoke happy childhood memories or remind you of engaging people or special events in your life. These are the sorts of items you may want to keep. On the other hand, there will be items you don't remember, and you'll wonder why you ever saved them in the first place.

Be sure to find and keep all personal documents, such as birth certificates. Keep these in a safe place so that they're not accidentally discarded. Organize your review so that you systematically move room to room and drawer by drawer. Then, as you go through your items, look at each one and decide whether it should be kept, given to a charity, or thrown away. Separate everything into several categories such as "give to children," "charity items," "sell,” "discard," and of course, "keep." Resist the urge to save and store the "maybe" items. It's best to make these decisions now (even if they’re difficult) rather than have to repeat the review and sort process later. Remember, your independent living community is a place for simplifying, downsizing, reducing stress, and enjoying life. 

Keep, Sell, or Give Away?

Finally, arrange to sell or give away the items according to your choices. In some cases, you may want to enlist the help of local Fort Worth estate clearance companies such as Millchell estate liquidation managers, or senior move managers such as The Whole Estate. The differences among such companies are in the range of their services. Estate liquidators focus on appraising and selling your remaining furniture and personal items, while move managers guide you through each step of moving, including packing and transportation.

Making the Move

Finally, arrange for packers and movers to transfer your items to your new residence. Selecting senior move specialists will help to place items and arrange the furniture in your new home. It is also a good idea to download Arbor's “The Journey to Senior Living,” which includes a chapter on moving and downsizing (Chapter 3: Making the Move). This guidebook is an excellent resource for having an organized and low-stress move.

As soon as you’ve moved in, it will be time to get settled. Hang your pictures, arrange your photographs, set out your book of memories, and get comfortable. At The Vantage at Cityview, there will be some activity or event planned, so take the time to attend the occasion, meet new friends, and enjoy the advantages of Arbor's thoughtful planning.

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